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Nimbus, the Rain Cloud

A picture-perfect book that uses rhyme and delightful illustrations to teach important moral lessons on one’s own uniqueness, acceptance, and the gift of working together. A great resource for home schoolers on science and social issues.


Nimbus, the Rain Cloud – Discussion Guide for Adults (1 page, PDF)



28 First Kisses: A Young Adult Novel (Best Friends) (Volume 2)

In the midst of temptation, two high school friends struggle to remain sexually pure. JANACLESE MITCHELL has an innocent, childlike faith and believes her parents’ marriage will be restored, but when she suspects her mom has a new love interest, she’s hurt and afraid. She’s determined to prove that perfect love endures all things just like 1 Corinthians describes, even if it means experiencing a forbidden relationship of her own.




Presence of Cyn

CYNDRAY JOHNSON, a wild and unruly teenager, longs to become a track star but instead races against self-destruction. Falsely accused of a bomb threat traced to her cellphone, she’s expelled from St. Pious Christian Academy, ruining her chances of obtaining the one thing that really matters to her—winning a gold medal in the State Championship.

Hardened by rejection, Cyndray enrolls at Unity High where she struggles to hide her identity from her new English teacher, Mrs. Samson, whom Cyndray recognizes as the lady whose purse she snatched as a prank. However, an impulsive stunt destroying school property forces them into a mentoring relationship where an unexpected bond ignites.

Still longing for acceptance and tired of her strict parameters, Cyndray finds a way to meet with her old, rebellious friend, but lands in a situation that grows to dangerous proportions in a hotel. A terrified Cyndray has nowhere to run. For the first time, she contemplates her path and wants to change lanes. But when the lines between right and wrong keep merging in her sight, how can she get on the right track?



Truly a book I couldn’t put down! Love the character of Cyndray–full of hopes and dreams and wanting to be true to herself, yet penned in by the expectations of others, trapped by mistakes that follow her like sticky shadows, tripped up by her own feisty spirit. Yet it’s that same feisty spirit (and a mentor who believes in her) that enables Cyn to push past her own foibles and negative perceptions of others to tap the strengths that lie within. Sandra Barnes has created that best of all fiction storylines–an imperfect, very human character that we all want to win. Great reading for any teen–and anyone who remembers what it’s like.- Neta Jackson

favor_factor_coverFavor Factor

Favor Factor has specifically been written with the Christian employee in mind.  Every individual who professes and believes that Jesus is Lord, and has accepted Him into his or her life, has received salvation.  Those who receive salvation should also receive the favor of God.  If this is true, then why aren’t more Christians experiencing God’s favor?

Favor Factor enlightens its readers on how to have favor with God and why having favor with God is conducive to having favor with others in the workplace.  This book focuses on the Higher Self as a means to achieving positive relationships with others, which inevitably leads to success.  Favor Factor discusses 7 character traits of the Higher Self that are essential ingredients to performing at the level God expects, to winning friends, and gaining influence in the workplace.



I found “Favor Factor” engaging from start to finish. It offers the reader significant examples of how the favor of God comes across in the workplace on ones behalf and then how it in turn has a domino affect on others that work with you. This was interesting reading and applicable to any workplace environment.- RDE, Clinton, MD USA
Ms. Barnes delivers a straight-to-the-point message of how Christians should behave in the workplace. Using personal examples, she is able to help clarify not only the “what”, but also the “why” and “how” sometimes missing in shorter books. If you want a reference tool that you can use quickly and effectively in your daily work relationships, then this is the book for you.- Moni_Internet, Greer, SC
“Favor Factor” is a great book for anyone new to the workplace or struggling in the workplace. It’s both clearly and concisely written. The author’s personal examples–often breath-takingly honest (such as when the author talks about her once-problematic inability to arrive to work at a consistent time each day)–add to the book’s authenticity. If you’re looking for a workplace book with tips for real-life application, this is for you.- M. B. CHRISTIAN , Maryland