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sandra-barnes-photoI write Christian books, mostly young adult novels, but I’ve written non-fiction too. My passion for writing came after I fell in love with reading, which was at an early age, when I was small enough to climb the tree in my front yard, curl into my favorite branch without breaking it, and just sit and read for hours without my contorted body aching and whining for pain relievers.

Though I still love reading, I’d much rather create my own stories. It started with the horrible-but-not quite-hideous skits I used to write, and then finagle my nieces and nephews (and some neighborhood kids) into acting them out in my backyard. Lucky for them, my wild imagination grew into writing books and novels and I no longer had to annoy family and friends to bring my stories to life.

Talking and writing are enjoyable—as long as the subject matter isn’t totally about me. Since I prefer to have the focus on my characters and not on myself, my critique partners composed a list of questions to drag me out of my comfort zone and, hopefully, help you to get to know me a little bit better. So, if you’re still curious about me, you can learn more here.