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A Conversation in Black and White

Hi There!

It’s been quite a while since we’ve chatted; but rest assured, I haven’t abandoned you. I’ve been deep in the trenches writing, writing, and writing.

Many of my projects involve psychology-related research and various articles for journals. This keeps me extra busy as it sometimes requires travel for presentations. In fact, I’m headed to Canada in a few months to present my research.

But I didn’t drop in to talk about that!

Kiersti and I at the cross

In honor of Black History Month, I’ve collaborated with my critique partner and fellow author friend, Kiersti Plog, to discuss how I experience being black in America. Kiersti is curious. She likes to ask questions. And I like to pretend I have the answers. I guess that’s what makes her an award winning novelist! And me? A semi-finalist–lol! I’ve observed that Kiersti is sincere in her efforts to understand as she works to promote racial reconciliation with diverse groups.

We think our conversation is important given the current racial climate in our country. We need more questions and answers from both sides. Won’t you please stop by and join our discussion? I know it’s uncomfortable. Maybe even scary. Promise I’ll meet you there!

Check it out here, and let us please hear from you: http://kierstiplog.com/a-conversation-in-black-and-white-two-friends-talk-about-race/

Love ya!


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