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What if I’m Not Ready?

I’d just become certified in First Aid and CPR when an opportunity to save a life presented itself—or so I thought. Literally, in less than 18 hours prior, I had completed the required training and coursework to quickly respond to an emergency. Lord knows, I didn’t feel ready like a first responder. Nor did I predict I’d need my new skills so soon.

Hurrying from the store and clutching my purchase, I trotted across the paved lot and hopped into my white Toyota Prius. A quick glance in my rear view mirror, then the side view, and WHOA! A full-sized pickup was suddenly careening in my direction.

I was supposed to act fast, but my thoughts slowed, and my body froze. Didn’t the driver see me? I snapped into action and honked my horn. There was no change in the vehicle’s direction. At that point, I couldn’t move my car. Truthfully, I COULD NOT MOVE.

Our collision was inevitable.

Somehow, it seems this type of thing is rather common. Not the exact scenario described above, but making yourself ready for something and then feeling inadequately prepared to perform. It can happen in little ways like when a student has studied for a test or when someone has been promoted to a new job. It can also happen in big ways like in the midst of romance when a proposal for marriage seems imminent. And, what about a married couple giving birth to their first child? I’ve been thinking about readiness and preparedness a lot lately, especially after receiving graduation invitations from family, friends, and former students.  What might they be feeling on this cusp of adulthood, the brim of new responsibilities, and perhaps, the brink of greatness?

There’s a lot of “how to” advice out there for embracing change and overcoming the spirit of inadequacy. I believe that if we stop thinking we shouldn’t ever be uncomfortable or that we must always be confident in everything we attempt to do, then we could possibly rid ourselves of worrying about not being ready. Being ready isn’t necessarily equivalent to feeling ready. Besides, it is in our weakness and insufficiency that Christ is made strong.

This was the perfect reminder when the truck slammed into my car.

I didn’t get hurt—not a single scratch was on my body. However, when I looked at the truck, there was no one behind the wheel. I dashed from my car, thinking the driver must’ve fainted or something. I didn’t think once about breathing techniques, didn’t need any training in human compassion. I was compelled to act.

But upon closer inspection, the truck was empty (all of that drama, and no one to heroically save). But despite all of this, I was more ready that I’d imagined.

What concerns do you have about being ready for an assignment? Share about a time when you have surprised yourself in doing something you thought you couldn’t do. I’d love to chat with you!




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